Stars2 - Women

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Alex Jay
Tattoos- submit for testing on weekends
Ally Crum
In town 5/23-8/20
Amelia Meier
Annabelle Shumann
April Panitz
Ashley Beaver
in LA till March 8th
Ashley Walter
Bri Bohanan
Britt Waite
Brooke Fraser
Cailin Mclennan
Long Hair- in phoenix
Carissa Giles
Carla Martin
Caroline Seymour
Catie Straut
Chelsea Wendroff
Chelsea Rose Gascon
Christina Santini
Christina The
Claire Hathaway
Not available on Thursdays
Courtney Lemmon
Diana Evans
Emmy Zein
Erinn Bradish
Dallas 6/13-September
Evan Michelle Miller
in town 12/11 to 1/5
Hanan Begic
Back in Kansas indefinitely, check with her
Hannah Hadnot
LONG HAIR- Pregnant due May 14 2018 - Out Until March 1
Helena Martin
Holly Parker
Isabelle Ellingson
Jana Molder
Jazz .
Jen Araki
Jennifer Beaty
Jennifer Steele
Jenny Connolly
Jo Quiles
Jude Vargas
Julana Dizon
Started a full time job
Julie Roll
Kendall Keith
Khrystyna Khudytska
Kiana Monique
Lives in Canada, flies for free
Kim N
Kim Nelson
Has bangs
Kris Leifur
Lauren Free
Liliane Machado
Lily Fitzpatrick
Lindy Kwock
Louisa Raske
Only available weekends and evenings
Lucy Chen
Ask options to MA in CDS
Magdalena Kozinska
Marinda Kaha
Maya Tucker
Michelle Roberts
Michelle Franklin
Mikala Love
Miranda Abrams
Will be moving to LA on 5.18.18
Miranda Dos Santos
Misa Chien
In Texas
Misha Nguyen
Monica Kane
Morgan Mahlock
check skin
Natalia S
Nicole Daryanani
Olta Desiderio
Raynell Lynn
Renee Pietrangelo
Richelle de Vera
Rochelle Brodin
Rubria Negrao
Ruthie A
LA FOR SCHOOL not available
Sabrina Smith
Sajata Stephane
Sarah Noel
Savanna Barrett
Sierra Sullivan
34 DD
Sydney Zachariah
Taelyr Robinson
Tatyanna Cormier
Taylor Spence
PREGNANT due December 25
Taylor Reynolds
In Kauai Feb 8-March 15
Therese Cresalia
Full time job, M-F 9-5
Tori Owens
Vanessa Wilkinson
Vanessa Horn
Victoria Rodriguez
Whitney Suelflohn
Microsoft Commercial Exclusivity
Zoe Somers
Zoe Brouillet

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Languages and Accents
Music, Dance and Acting
Combat Training
Miscellaneous Skills and Attributes

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