Runway - Men
Abraham Harris
Adrian Escarcega
Alex Anders
Alex Reis
Alex Michels
In Miami
Anders Donatelli
August G
Blake Pearson
In LA 1/11-1/20
Boom .
Bryson Cook
Conrad G
Dylan Murphy
Elliot Weber
Ethan Waikel
Etiyin Huckaby
Forest Parker
relocated to LA
Jake Jensen
Infiniti commercial Conflicts: Automobiles: Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Electric Vehicles, Minivans - MPU (21 months) starts 11/18/2015
Jan Kaspar
Kahari Mays
Karl Herzer
Kevin Bobrow
Marlon Wilson
Miguel Vargas
Nick Flaig
Nick Sugihara
Sam Anderson
Schuyler Whiting
Sean Cohan
Stephen Baccari
At college East Coast
Yonatan Zeff

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