Runway - Women
Alana Noland
Intown May 3-12th
Alencia Lewis
Back in LA as of 5/15
Alex Jay
Alexis Kiil
Allyson Cook
Aly Henry
Alyssa Moore
Alyssa Lenore
In DC till Aug 18
Anastasia May
Anica Bottom
LA for School
Anna V
Ashley Inglet
Book out May 21-June 4 & June 9, 10, 20
Beth Nowak
In town 3/21 to 5/10
Bianca Warren
Brieya Moorberg
Britt Waite
Cameron Henn
Carissa Giles
Carla Martin
She is 18
Carly Rick
Carmen Mae
Cassie Hart
Cate Chant
Selective testing-
Catherine Lammersen
Chandra L
Colleen McCabe
Pregnant- due May 26th
Courtney Lemmon
NYC school
DeeDee Brown
Dena Shulruff
Emily Matheny
Emmaline Zien
Erin O Connor
In town week of June 6th or earlier
Erin Cummins
Hannah Tokuno
Vacation June 13-25
Jamie Paige
Jana Molder
Jana Poole
Jasmine A
Jenny Connolly
Jillian Lieber
Jude Vargas
Going to NY 6/1-6/30
Karen B
Hold off for skin issues
Katia Coate
Katrina Sperry
Kendall Keith
In Wisconsin June 4-18
Kendra Lee
Kris Leifur
Flies for Free American Airlies
Kursten Berry
in Japan 5/2-5/9
Lana Kohn
LaNisa .
Laura Vargas
Lauren Free
Li Ming
Lindy Kwock
Lucy Chen
Selective testing-
Maddi Waikel
Booked out for skin issues
Maya Schuller
Maya Tucker
Leaving for NY 5/15
In town 5/7-5/14
Meisha Brooks
Michelle Box
Booked Out 6-20-16 to 7-3-16
Michelle Casagrande
Miranda Abrams
Misty Maa
Morgan Olson
Nalani Ravelo
DNS - expired work permit
Natalia S
Moving to NYC for college
Natalie Shinnick
Nicole Daryanani
Nicole Domecus
Nora Jorgensen
Selective testing-
Olivia Moore
Peggy Duncan
Richelle de Vera
out of town from May 31-June 4, June 6-10, and June 13-18
Sabrina Van Eyck
Sabrina Smith
Finals May 16- June 1st. Check with Sue- No testing
Sarah G
Hold on any submissions- do not email Sarah until after graduation- No testing
Sarah Brown
Sophia B
Taylor Spence
Terra Renee
Tori Owens
Victoria Monette
Victoria Rodriguez
Zhiling Liao
Due June 4th - Microsoft Commercial Exclusivity:
Zoe Somers

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Languages and Accents
Music, Dance and Acting
Combat Training
Miscellaneous Skills and Attributes

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