In Europe
Adriana Hodossyova
Alencia Lewis
Alessandra Kirn
Alex Jay
Lives in NY
Alex D
Alexandra Tretter
Allyson Cook
Alyssa Moore
AT&T Commercial conflict - MPU (21 months) started on 9/17/2015
Amanda Pacheco
Amy Scott
Ana Cristina
Andrea Bagi
Andrea Wahlgren
College starting in September in So CAL
Anna V
Annemieke K
Anya K
April Panitz
Ariane Tasca
Bianca Warren
Brielle S
Moving to LA for school August 1st
In Toronto Feb 13-22nd
Cate Chant
Chrissy W
Christina The
Courtney Mccann
Daniela Pestova
Moving to NYC for school
DeeDee Brown
Destiny Sierra
Erin Cummins
Eva Lauren
Eve Salvail
Ewelina K
Hannah Duggan
Hannah Tokuno
Based in Tulum
Hermione Cahill
Houda Shretah
Jana K
Janine Tugonon
Tattoo on chest and ankle and foot
Janini .
Jasmine A
Jessica Epps
Jessica Stenebo
Apple conflict (1 yr) - booked 1/8/15
Jillian Lieber
Josee Kildosher
Julia Epp
Leaves For NY Feb 4 - Gone for a few months unless direct booked
Kalyn Joy Waide
Karen B
In Seattle as of 11/16
Kassandra Jensen
tattoos on feet and ankle
Katia Coate
Moving to LA for school 9/19
Katie Schmid
Katrina Sperry
Kayann Sunarth
Kiera Chaplin
Kirsty Loreen
In China from 10/20 till the New Year
Ksenia S
Flies for Free American Airlies
Kursten Berry
IN LA from Dec 26- Jan 4
Lana Kohn
LaNisa .
Larisa Fraser
Laura Vargas
Li Ming
Lilian Queiroz
Lily Kwong
Lisa Blades
Lizann M
Lucie Pustova
Marina Ami
Currently in LA
Martyna S
Booked out for skin issues
Maya Schuller
In Capetown- check with NYMM
Michele Merkin
Michelle Box
Milica C
Morgan Olson
Moving to NYC for college
Natalie Shinnick
Nicole Domecus
Nora Jorgensen
Oksana Rykova
Patricia Werle
Priscilla Ricart
Rachel Zimmerman
Rachel Cook
In Miami from 1/22 - 2/15
Rachel James
book out January 4-6 and January 15-22nd
Rayana Ragan
Rubria Negrao
Sajata Stephane
Sally Jonsson
Samantha White
Sandy Kacura
Sandy Leddin
In Italy for University
Sarah Myers
Savvy Taylor
Selina White
Sierra Sullivan
Sydny .
Tammy Soglanich
Tate Moore
Taylor Rick
Terra Renee
Thais Martins
Tori Owens
In town 2/4-2/7
Tracy Kristine
Ulrike .
Valen Custer
Vanessa Horn
Victoria Monette

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