Stars2 - Women
Alana Noland
Aleksandra S
School Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11 and 2-3:30pm
Alexis Kiil
Alicia Dunams
Not available on Tuesday and Thursdays
Alyssa Lenore
Back in town August 27th
Anastasia May
Anette Marweld
Anica Bottom
Annabelle Shumann
In town end of July-end of August
Ariel St. Claire
Ashley Robbert
Atha Davis
Autumn Johnson
Bri Bohanan
Britt Waite
Brooke Fraser
Cailin Mclennan
Carla Martin
Caroline Seymour
Casey Poore
Catie Straut
Chandra L
Chelsea Wendroff
Christina Santini
Courtney Lemmon
Crystal Duarte
Crystal Lyons
Danika Perio
Desiree Lanz
Elena Kountoura
Emily Matheny
Emmy Zein
Erin O Connor
Erinn Bradish
Frances Torres
Genevieve Morrison
Haley Scott
Pregnant Due Sept 9
Helena Martin
Helene Johnsen
Holly Parker
Isabella Rivera
Isabelle Ellingson
Jamie Paige
Jana Molder
intown 10/10 to 10/26
Jazz .
Jeanne Walsh
Jen Araki
Jennifer Beaty
Jessica Today
Jo Quiles
Jude Vargas
Julia Seidelin
Julie Roll
Check before submitting- heavy class load
Kaitlyn Ann
Booked Out Indefinitley
Kara Hamilton
Booked out October 10-October 24.
Kathy Tong
Kendall Keith
Kendra Lee
Lives in Canada, flies for free
Kim N
Kim Nelson
Kris Leifur
Lauren Free
Liliane Machado
Linda Fischer
Lindy Kwock
Louisa Raske
Lucy Chen
Lynn Williams
Tattoos- ask options MA in CDS
Magdalena Malicka
Ask options to MA in CDS
Magdalena Kozinska
Marianne Shine
Marinda Kaha
Marissa Trimble
Marjean Holden
Maya Tucker
Maysa Quy
Meisha Brooks
Mele-Iwa Vazquez
Booked Out 6-20-16 to 7-3-16
Michelle Roberts
Michelle Franklin
Going to South Africa Sept 3rd-December 1st
Mikala Love
Miranda Abrams
Monica Kane
In NY till September 5th
Morgan Mahlock
Natalia Newbury
in NY
Nico Huzella
Nicole Daryanani
Renee Pietrangelo
Richelle de Vera
Rosemary Nurse
Sabrina Dilts
out of town from May 31-June 4, June 6-10, and June 13-18
Sabrina Van Eyck
Sarah Corey
Sarah Olbert
Savanna Barrett
In town 9/10-9/20
Taelyr Robinson
Tatyana C
Tatyanna Cormier
Taylor Spence
Taylor Reynolds
Therese Cresalia
Tiara Catey
Toni Munoz
Pregnant Due Dec is Dec 11, 2016
Tricia Rollo
Vanessa Wilkinson
In Brazil
Vera Kopp
Victoria Rodriguez
Zhiling Liao
Due June 4th - Microsoft Commercial Exclusivity:
Zoe Somers

Skill Level:
Languages and Accents
Music, Dance and Acting
Combat Training
Miscellaneous Skills and Attributes

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