Runway - Men
Abraham Harris
Adrian Escarcega
Alex Anders
Alex Reis
Alex Michels
IN town 9/20-9/30
Anders Donatelli
2 tattoos one on each arm.
Asante M
In town August 11-27th
August G
Blake Pearson
Boom .
Bryson Cook
Conrad G
David Kait
Dylan Murphy
Elliot Weber
Only available after 4pm on weekdays. Available on weekends.
Ethan Waikel
Etiyin Huckaby
Forest Parker
relocated to LA
Jake Jensen
Infiniti commercial Conflicts: Automobiles: Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Electric Vehicles, Minivans - MPU (21 months) starts 11/18/2015
Jan Kaspar
Josh M
Kahari Mays
Karl Herzer
On hold until January 2017
Kevin Bobrow
Kyro White
Marlon Wilson
Matt Watts
Miguel Vargas
Mitchell Bethea
Nick Sugihara
Reginald O
Sam Anderson
Sawyer Shine
Schuyler Whiting
Sean Cohan
booked out 6/13-6/18
Stephen Baccari
Tope Alabi

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Music, Dance and Acting
Combat Training
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