Runway - Women

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Alana Noland
Alencia Lewis
Alex Jay
In Miami
Alexis Kiil
Available Wednesdays and weekends for now
Aly Henry
In LA book out for 11/26-11/29
Alysha Byrd
Alyssa Moore
Anica Bottom
LA for School
Anna V
School Thursday and Friday-check with her IN LA TIL JUNE
Anya K
in LA till March 8th
Ashley Walter
Bookings only
HARD Bookout dates: Feb 11-17 Feb 21-23 Mar 6-9 Mar 12-14 April 15-20 May 5-13
Beth Nowak
Bianca Warren
Britt Waite
Brooke Moorberg
Pregnant with Twins - due April 29, 2017
Carla Martin
Carmen Mae
In NY July 9th-19th
Catherine Lammersen
Not available on Thursdays
Courtney Lemmon
Class every day till 12pm- all day on Tuesday- check with her
Courtney Kelsberg
Dena Shulruff
Emily Matheny
Emmy Zein
Erin Cummins
Evan Michelle Miller
Franki King
In Portland- she is 18
Hannah Tokuno
Jana Molder
Jasmine A
Hair cut to a bob
Jenny Connolly
Jillian Lieber
** Exclusivity for 1yr ALL hair & body product advertisement/excluding make-up & perfumes. (Usage Start Date is November 2017)
Kalyn Joy Waide
In class Mon-Thursday 8-2pm- SKIN
Katia Coate
Katie Schmid
Katrina Sperry
Kendall Keith
In Chicago May 12-22-but willing to come back for bookings
Khrystyna Khudytska
Kris Leifur
Flies for Free American Airlies
Kursten Berry
Lana Kohn
Pregnant due in August 2017
LaNisa .
Laura Vargas
Lauren K
Lauren Free
Li Ming
Lindy Kwock
Lucy Chen
Maddi Waikel
IN NY June 9-July 9th c/o Marilyn
Marizza Delgado
Maya Tucker
In town 4/30-5/7
Meisha Brooks
Michelle Box
IN town May 16th
Morgan Olson
Natalia S
Nicole Daryanani
Nora Jorgensen
Leaves for Europe June 4th
Olivia Moore
Richelle de Vera
Not as flexible M-W mornings, check with her.
Robin Parker
Sabrina Van Eyck
She is 18
Sabrina Smith
Special projects only
Sarah Brown
She is 18
Sarah G
Sophia Bruinsma
She is 18
Sophia B
Taylor Spence
Tori Monette
Mondays: In class 9-11:30a.m. Tuesdays: In class 9a.m.-1:30p.m. Wednesdays: In class 9-11:30a.m. Thursdays: In class 9a.m.-1:30p.m. and 3-6p.m. Fridays: No class!
Tori Owens
IN TOWN as of 4/1
Vanessa Wilkinson
Venita Collier
Victoria Rodriguez
Microsoft Commercial Exclusivity:
Zoe Somers

Skill Level:
Languages and Accents
Music, Dance and Acting
Combat Training
Miscellaneous Skills and Attributes

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