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Aaron Harris
Alex Anders
Alexis Papas
Ambrose Carter
Anders Donatelli
Andrew Rogers
Armon Eastman
2 tattoos one on each arm.
Asante M
August G
Bertil Espegren
Boom .
Brandon Parker
Bryson Cook
Carlos Martin
Cashel Barnett
Chad Pinther
Charlie Wood
Professional Cage fighter/MMA
Chris Brooks
Colin Allen
Conrad G
Dan Chen
Dan Roll
n Europe
David Walsh
David Kait
Dustin Moss
Cut hair super short- waiting on good digitals
Dwayne Daniels
Booked out June 30th-July 6th for a family reunion in Minnesota.
Dylan Murphy
Edward McMahon
Fraser Barke
Gabriel Sullivan
Gavin Dunne
Greg Sestero
Ian Weglarz
in LA
Ishaan Reyna
In NY c/o ONE
Jake Cassar
Jamal Henderson
Infiniti commercial Conflicts: Automobiles: Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Electric Vehicles, Minivans - MPU (21 months) starts 11/18/2015
Jan Kaspar
Jason Kramer
Jay Brewer
Jeff Young
In Israel June 12th-27th And then Arnold CA from June 30th-July 5th.
Jeff Forney
Joe Slaughter
John Shaw
John Kenney
John King
Josh M
Justin Davis
Kahari Mays
On hold until January 2018
Kevin Bobrow
Kevin Lewis
In Europe
Kristof Kralik
Landon Falgoust
Lasse Larsen
Lawrence Sikorski
Lee Pappas
In texas
Lucas Machado
Lucas McKinnon
Luiz Lima
Marios Lekkas
Mark Fisher
in Miami until March with Willy and then NY so he is available for bookings
Matt Watts
West coast 6/26- 7/10
Micah Dix
Mitchell Bethea
Nick Davis
Nick Sugihara
in Europe
Paul Kiefer
Peter Argue
Randy Valle
Ryan Vincent
Sam Anderson
Sandor Johnson
Sandy Dias
Clean shaven
Schuyler Whiting
Stephen Muzzonigro
Stephen Baccari
Sterling Petersen
Taber Maier
Tom Lariviere

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